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Can Rolf Harris Be Rehabilitated?

Rolf Harris leaves behind gilded lifestyle for vulnerable prison unit Extracted from The Observer, July 6th 2014 – article by Jamie Doward and Gaby…


Romance v Inheritance Tax?

              To the EditorThe TimesDear Sir,One prime reason for getting married in later life is to avoid paying…


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Only A Kiss

Management Trainer: Since 1985, I’ve been called in by companies, doctors and educational institutes to help teach the value of counselling technique in team-building…

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By Phillip Hodson

Children’s Television

From the 1980s, an early appearance tackling teenage acne. I once received a letter that actually started: “Dear Acne Uncle…”.


Children’s Television

 I answer more questions from troubled young viewers. This is probably the worst sweater I ever wore – I still have it.


Children’s Television

In this clip I offer advice to combat a terrible case of teenage bad-breath. In the early shows we had to stick to the…