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How to recover from a Scots’ referendum

Commissioned by the BBC and published in a shorter version online as “A marriage counsellor on healing the referendum hurt” on September 20th 2014….

rolf harris2

Can Rolf Harris Be Rehabilitated?

Rolf Harris leaves behind gilded lifestyle for vulnerable prison unit Extracted from The Observer, July 6th 2014 – article by Jamie Doward and Gaby…


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By Phillip Hodson

Children’s Television

From the 1980s, an early appearance tackling teenage acne. I once received a letter that actually started: “Dear Acne Uncle…”.


Children’s Television

 I answer more questions from troubled young viewers. This is probably the worst sweater I ever wore – I still have it.


Children’s Television

In this clip I offer advice to combat a terrible case of teenage bad-breath. In the early shows we had to stick to the…