May, 2014


Radio Clip 1

Linda in London tells me about the different kinds of abuse she has suffered at the hands of her father and how it has…


Radio Clip 2

In complete contrast, here is a recent interview with a very tired me on late night radio discussing the problems of modern marriage.


Radio Clip 3

A young married woman called Joyce complains that her husband is demanding sexual intercourse and when she doesn’t instantly comply he sulks or gets…


Radio Clip 4

A best friend is confided in by a couple experiencing relationship troubles but tells me she has fallen into the arms of the husband….


Radio Clip 5

In his understandable nervousness to get help, college student Stephen imagines my name is Michael – but his underlying problem is his erectile disorder…


Men and Pregnancy

Commissioned by the Mail on Sunday July 2nd 1998 A year ago we had supermodel Elle McPherson bringing her five and a half month…


Men’s Sexual Needs

Published by You Magazine, the Mail on Sunday June 13th 2000 MEN DIFFER When William Hague flew off on his recent honeymoon, there was…