20 Ways to Stay Together

Is there some magic programme you can follow to perfect your partnership? Of course not, but here are 20 tips to increase your chances:

  1. Being able to say sorry – the next day.
  2. Being able to wait for the other person to say sorry – the next day.
  3. Having genuine common interests, similar quirks, complementary vices and virtues.
  4. Wanting the other’s good opinion.
  5. Enjoying mutual silence/time off.
  6. Giving permission to say the unpopular/voice anxieties.
  7. Giving verbal encouragement always.
  8. Reading the other’s moods.
  9. Taking second place often enough.
  10. Being given first place often enough.
  11. Learning each other’s skills – work/domestic – so each is the other’s back-up.
  12. From Day One, sorting out money issues.
  13. Making criticism constructive/using assertion skills – “I’d prefer this…I won’t tolerate that”.
  14. Touching – especially when things are difficult.
  15. Planning and having fun.
  16. Being open-minded about new ideas or adaptable to change (age/outlook/capacity/habit) at roughly the same rate or ratio.
  17. Dragging a problem out by the teeth when necessary to move it on.
  18. Respecting the other’s family – within reasonable limits.
  19. Forgiving.
  20. Learning how to enjoy domestic life – since we all end up in an armchair (if we live so long).

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