Days of Change

Management Trainer: Since 1985, I’ve been called in by companies, doctors and educational institutes to help teach the value of counselling technique in team-building and staff and patient management. My award-winning videos have been the focus of hundreds of seminars helping staff feel more comfortable with the confrontations and emotional conflicts of everyday working life. I have regularly lectured to MBA students at Cranfield University.


The only constant in our lives today is change. Difficult and challenging though change is, we tend to underestimate just how well we deal with it in our everyday domestic lives. But when we enter the workplace, we often lose sight of our ability to cope with change. The result is stress, anxiety and the inability to adjust to new demands.

 Days of Change offers a simple model to help everyone in an organisation get in touch with the positive, creative and refreshing aspects of change. The film looks at change from the individual’s perspective. It helps viewers understand their own thoughts, feelings and behaviour while bringing an appreciation of how others feel when confronted by change. Through this greater understanding of ourselves and those we work with, we can develop the ability to cope with change – and ultimately make it work in our favour.

The Model: The easily remembered Days of Change model is a barometer that guides viewers through the whole emotional, intellectual and behavioural process of coming to terms with change – and enables them to take their own change reading. No matter what kind of change is going on in your organisation – this programme will help and encourage everyone to take a proactive approach. And deal with change positively.

This video is available from Video Arts Elsinore House 77 Fulham Palace Road Hammersmith London W6 8JA (Office opening hours: 09:00 – 17:00) (0)20 7400 4800

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