Management Trainer: Since 1985, I’ve been called in by companies, doctors and educational institutes to help teach the value of counselling technique in team-building and staff and patient management. My award-winning videos have been the focus of hundreds of seminars helping staff feel more comfortable with the confrontations and emotional conflicts of everyday working life. I have regularly lectured to MBA students at Cranfield University.


Fix conflict at work before it fixes you…

As a counsellor and psychotherapist my teaching and thinking is increasingly applied to management development. I think many situations, particularly in business, are crying out for something other than a completely power-based, ‘wild-western’ approach. In fact, conflict is a spanner in the works of any organisation. And with more and more people involved in making decisions and coming up with ideas, there’s more room for conflict than ever before.

Here I take the viewer through three situations that vividly illustrate how to resolve conflict at work. I explain how to mediate between warring parties in your team – and how to resolve conflict you’re involved in yourself. Whether you’re the manager or any member of the team, you’ll find this emotionally charged video a great help in bringing damaging conflicts to a positive resolution.

Available fromVideo Arts Elsinore House 77 Fulham Palace Road Hammersmith London W6 8JA (Office opening hours: 09:00 – 17:00) +44 (0)20 7400 4800

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