How Many G-Spots?

Commissioned by the Daily Mail – 30th September 2004

How many G-spots are there in a woman’s body? With all the authority of the owner
of a penis, Dr Desmond Morris now announces to the world that there are four. For
what it’s worth, based on years as a sex therapist, lover, boyfriend and partner, I
think his geography’s out.

Sigmund Freud began this controversy by insisting there was only one “proper”
female hot spot, ie the upper vagina. This blessed ignorance was demolished by Dr
Alfred Kinsey who got several hundred gynaecologists to prod and palpate
thousands of unfortunate patients with the conclusion: “True vaginal orgasm is an
impossibility because there are no relevant nerve endings in the upper two thirds of
the selected organ”.

This was confirmed by sex researchers Masters and Johnson who established it is
the clitoris bringing tears of joy to the eyes of women during love-making.
Their conclusion holds even when you consider the discovery of the original G-spot
because this fleshy fibrous network really constitutes the underside of the clitoris, an
organ extending deeply into surrounding tissues. And it is pressure on this spot, not
stroking, which causes the pleasure. You know you’ve reached it when your partner
shouts: “Don’t move!”

But just as piano keys are not the ’Moonlight Sonata’ sex plumbing manuals do not
explain human experience. Where a woman feels sexual delight will depend on her
psychology, personality and prior history. The feeling of “being possessed” is
probably far more relevant than button-pushing.

As the original Dr Grafenberg of the G-Spot actually wrote: “There is no spot in the
female body, from which sexual desire could not be aroused… the partner has only to
find the erogenous zones”.

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